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The Windy Boxing Store UK is the place to buy your Windy boxing equipment in the UK – and the official distributor for the oldest, most respected brand of fight gear in Thailand. All of our Windy products carry a warranty of at least six months, and orders are backed by a thirty-day money-back guarantee.     

While orders from individuals do account for a large portion of our shipments, we also provide boxing gear to various fight sports gyms, events and organisations based in the UK. We do carry a substantial amount of stock, ensuring that we can ship most orders on the same day – or the available next working day – once ordered. 

When ordering from the Windy Boxing Store UK, any order exceeding £55 will be delivered free of charge to any UK address. You can also have your package sent for free by mail if your purchase amount is below £55.

We have partnered with DHL-express, which enables us to deliver your order in as few as 3 working days (and no more than 6). As soon as we ship your package, we will provide you with the tracking number so you can track its progress.

All boxing equipment ordered at the Windy Boxing Shop UK is authentic. You can authenticate any of your products purchased by simply scanning the QR code. 

As you would expect, we have ensured super-secure shopping by partnering with Omise for the processing of credit card transactions. We do however also accept payments made via Paypal and bank transfers.

To explore the whole range of Windy boxing equipment, just have a look at the Windy Boxing Store UK.

Windy boxing headgear
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